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Adriano Faria

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Here's who and how it treats its customers the author of this application:

he attacked me because I put 3 stars to his application by publishing erroneously as a review but I say you can be so bad here is the discussion:



Adriano Faria

So you have a DOUBT and due to that you review a file with 3 star? Seriously?!?


Yes, I'm serious !. and sorry but why do you take it so much? Will I be free to evaluate things as I please? but every time you send a message for every little thing? you know that you are irritating when you do so .. I gave you the money and I can say and evaluate what I want as anyone else .. I am free to express my vote without you attack me ok here clear? my vote is not just for the doubt and in any case my personal general evaluation and you must accept it without being hard and attack your customers .. but who do you think you are calm?

Adriano Faria

Firstly, you are not respecting Marketplace rules. REVIEWS are not supposed to ask questionos, as you did.

Secondly, there are instructions per file, as IPS requests devs to do. Here goes mine for Links Directory:

And lastly, review a file before request support isn't a good practice and gives me reasons to request it to be deleted. So yes, I reported it to IPS and will certainly be deleted.

Next time, do it right. I won't "attack" you.


first I had not seen the usual button for support .. second thing I repeat are free to express my vote where and how I want .. you have to have more respect for your customers and turn in a more polite if you want a polite reply .

Adriano Faria

I don't want a gracious reply. I want you to follow the proper channel. That's all you have to do.

Don't want? Fine. I can live with that review. Anyway, stay with your doubt.

I have nothing more to say.


Congratulations you have a mind as an entrepreneur if you answer so .. I do not care remain with the doubt also because you are not so important for me .. I hope that all other customers are aware of the bad character you have ...

I may well be wrong to ask for support in a review ... but attack a client in these ways and respond so brutally I think it's incorrect .. Adriano could also kindly ask me to clarify without attack .. each now think what he wants but I had to let these things know .. greetings

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What's New in Version 5.1.4:


  • Minissing language bit which was causing setting Linkback Code to not work.

Updating your setting:

  • Go to ACP -> Community -> Links Directory -> Settings -> Index View tab
  • Remove the content from the Linkback Code box. Save the form.
  • Again: go to ACP -> Community -> Links Directory -> Settings -> Index View tab (you HAVE to enter again in settings)
  • New value will be there, which is your board URL and your board name.





Edited by Adriano Faria
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Adriano,

Happy new year. I've just installed the links directory on my test installation 4.2.6 (PHP version 7.1.12, MySQL version 5.7.19). I've created the categories and added a first link. When I click on it two things can happen depending if I have Classifieds enabled or not.

When Classifieds is enabled, it gives me this error message:



If I disable Classifieds, it gives me this other error message:


Clearing the cache, did not help. Any ideas?



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I had Links from 3.4. First I tried to upgrade from it. It all looked normal from the ACP but nothing really showing on the front. Since I only had a few links that I could reproduce anyway, I decided to uninstall and install the new version of Links from scratch.

Then all looked good but when I create a new link it leads to Classifieds instead.

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Just adding a line here for completion's sake and thanks Adriano for taking a look at my test site. It looks like the problem was that I tried to upgrade from a version that it was too old (probably 4.0.x)... and a bit of backwards and forwards uninstalling and re-installing may have done something to the database. So, I restored a backup, installed the latest Links version from scratch and it's working fine. So, all good now.

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6 hours ago, bigPaws said:

Couple of pre-sales questions @Adriano Faria please:

  • Can we import a bunch of listings/links to start with, maybe via CSV, or do we have to add each one manually?
  • I see you can charge for a link via Commerce, but can we have 1) link is free 2) link with logo, or maybe higher rank = cost?

Thanks in advance

1: No

2: Not sure what you mean. 

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19 minutes ago, bigPaws said:

I mean is can we offer everyone a free listing in the directory, but charge for an upgraded listing somehow?

Still not following, but I'll explain how the app works. If you enable the PAID SUBMISSIONS, you can choose a payment gateway:


And then enable it per category basis:


Then it will appear in the submission form:


You can also exclude some groups from paying:


So you can set one category as free and others as paid. It's up to you.

If it's paid, then the user will have to pay in order to the record becomes alive/visible to all members.

Edited by Adriano Faria
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