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Bulk emails just went crazy


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So put together a bulk email to members talking about the new shiny upgraded forums.

It just emailed out 6 times to the same members - some of which are tweeting about it and asking to be removed from the site

Not only that but the task was locking on bulk email too (why do so many tasks lock??)

I honestly don't think this upgrade could have been any more buggy/damaging to my community

Really regretting making the upgrade to V4



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Yeah upgraded

Have deleted the bulk email I was sending out last too.

Now I have the problem that people have put my forum down as a spammer, and many more who have changed their notifications so I can't email them again

Is there any way I can reset all email preferences on the forum?  e.g an SQL query?

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13 minutes ago, opentype said:

What do you consider “resetting”? Resetting what to what? Bulk mail is a user’s choice during registration. 

If you want to manually subscribe unsubscribed members again even though they specifically told you not to (bulk) mail them, then you are a spammer. 

I totally understand that. I'm definitely not a spammer (in the strictest sense of the word) but basically the bulk emails went whacky as a fault of the software/site and not as a result of my settings or me pressing 'send email' over and over again.

It's left me in a right pickle with the bulk email option and not as a fault of my own or my server etc

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