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IPB 4 Database to IPB 4 Localhost Database

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I'm currently trying to move my IPB 4 database to a localhost and create a test environment for my forums. However, I'm having trouble trying to install  IPB 4 on the localhost and trying to connect it to backup database. 

Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know of any guides/solution to achieve this? 

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Short version:

Import backup db into new db

Make sure you have the users and password correct for the db (if not add them)

Edit conf_global for database name and user/pw (host, port, socket too)

Hit the acp - support area. Choose something isn't working bit to nuke and rebuild all caches.

Note unless you move the downloads folder and stuff like that you have problems (and probably will still have problems) with attachments and avatars from the live install being missing, etc.

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