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Expand functionality of Gallery notes?


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I think it would be a great idea to enable notes for an image on a per-album and/or per-group basis.  I know a topic not too long ago mentioned something about tagging people in Gallery images, but I had in mind something a little more potentially collaborative.

My example: I recently started an album called "Rorschach Inc" which features random, everyday images.  Members are invited to post on what they see in the image.  Now, for my specific example it would be great if each member could add Notes to point out faces, hands, etc. in a given image, but so far as I can tell only the Administrator can use the Gallery Notes function.  Am I missing something?

More generally, I thought it would be great if groups/members given permission to do so could all annotate a single image; then, for people with access, for an annotated image there could be a list of Members who have put notes on it.  You put your mouse over the name and their specific notes would appear on the image.

I think that apart from my specific example, this would potentially be a great feature for teams or groups of students who want to do collaborative work on images, or even for people who just want to tag others and make observations on group photos in general.


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