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How to enable sidebar in IPB 4?


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When you are signed in as the admin (or anyone with Administrator group privs) look on the left side of the page (right side I guess if you are using a left to right language) for that button. This is when you are viewing the forums, not the acp.

Click it.

Drag and drop what you want where you want.

You can do this not only on the front page but other pages further in (forum view, topics view, etc.) with different bits on each view.

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The sidebar is always on. The theme settings allow you to choose what side of the page it appears on (left or right) and if you want it to display at all on mobile view but there is no place to turn it on or off. Again, it is always on.

Nothing will show up anywhere until you add a block to it - you use that button I pointed out to pull out the sidebar menu and then drag/drop the blocks where you want.

The only other place that might be messed up is under the staff tab in the ACP. Click on moderators. Then edit whichever user group matters to you. There is an option to manage the sidebar.

All members that are in the Administrators group already have this permission turned on though so unless you are doing something strange or you have a custom theme that is messing things up all you need to do is click that tab from my first post and drag/drop.

Default theme, forums home.


Click that thing. You get this:


Drag/drop. Done.

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Hi everybody,

please I cannot use this on my forum.


I have just installed the new version and I had (and still have) a lot of issues :(

Please help me to know what exactly are the steps to add and/or change the sidebar...

I'm trying also to do a translation but it doesnt'work well.

Many thanks for your help

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