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I was really disappointed


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We are kind of all over the map here from translations to bugs to general commentary and even ranting. This isn't really productive in general, so I'm going to close this and ask that if you have specific action item feedback (such as better language features/support in Pages) please start a new topic so we can log and address it appropriately. 

In closing, I hate to sound like a broken record as there have indeed been far more challenges from 4.0 to about 6 months ago than we ever anticipated. New processes, additional staffing, better testing, etc. have all led to a vastly improved and more stable product. Those experiencing issues are in fact the exception and not the norm. That's certainly not to downplay any concern - it's frustrating to have issues, frustrating to discover bugs and even more frustrating when those bugs aren't resolved right away. I know we've asked a lot from some of you in terms of patience, but please continue to trust that IPS4 is a mature yet ever-evolving product platform with more improvements and stability being introduced literally every day. 

Out of thousands of happy IPS4 clients and successful upgrades, there are statistically going to be an unlucky group that seem to hit issues we all wish we could have foreseen. Many are environment related, many are third party customization related and many are just outright bugs. I wish I could promise a bugfree product, but one doesn't exist... in any facet of life. I often relate software to the automotive industry and the same principle applies. If we could have create perfect engineering and 100% consistency, we'd never have another recall. Unfortunately, things happen. That's not a brush-off, but a simple statement of fact. All we can do is continue to do better and ensure issues that do come up are resolved appropriately... and I strongly feel that at IPS, they are.

That's where you come in. Let us know your specific concerns and we can address them. Some people find the post-upgrade tasks to be too slow or not intuitive enough, so we'll look at that aspect of the software again. We don't mind and in fact, that's what we're here for. General ranting, especially out of context, just doesn't resolve anything other than perhaps feeling better after typing out your thoughts and perhaps getting a couple others on board. We love us some action items. ^_^

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to further feedback. 

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