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How to hide attachments?


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I have a subforum dedicated to photo challenges. I use a discussion to collect submissions and don't want each participant to see the other participants' submissions.

In IPB 3, I set the permission for the subforum so that attachments couldn't be downloaded. This way, people couldn't see the other submissions.

In  IPB4 this is not possible, as confirmed by the support. To you know of a workaround or hook to hide attachments from a specific member group?


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Here's a simple solution

1.Create a new theme - just a copy of your use community theme.

2. Add in Custom css on this theme


3. Change to edit all forums that you want

"Forum Settings -> Theme Override:  Select a this new theme and Save.

4. This new theme / no visible attachments / allow only group that you want. Of course this group should not permit your main theme

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Alternatively (as the above still allows people to see them if they want to go in to the source, and also would affect the whole site not just a subforum)

You want people to upload their own submissions.

You don't want others to see those submissions.

If each submission is a new topic, then use the Forum option -> Users can see topics posted by other user? set to off. Result: people can submit, they see their own topic but they don't see others.

if each submission is a new post on an existing topic, then enable the forum's posting option "Posts must be approved?" for replies. Result: people can submit, they can see their own post (albeit unapproved) and they won't see others.

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