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I had limited experience actually setting up and configuring a database in IP.Content 3.x, ironic in my position :lol:.  The few that I did do for myself all seemed a clunky in terms of setting up fields, managing those fields, and updating display templates to display the fields in a meaningful way.  

As I've gotten back into development for 4.x, I'd been keeping my notes in iCloud Notes (don't laugh at me, it was the best option available at the time that synced from my phone to my mac)... To get more functionality out of my data, I decided to set up some Pages databases,  I must say, I'm impressed.  It took me all of 20 minutes to setup and populate both a planning database and bug tracker with a handful of custom fields each.  When a feature is implemented, use the edit while viewing to add a comment, and update the fields, that it's been implemented and a free form text box to note the version where it was implemented.  The result of that can then be shown in the listing view as badges, or any custom display you like that is easily configurable.  Also, being able to set a default sort order by a custom field allows me to sort items by priority.  

Granted my application is exceedingly simple, but I can see the power and flexibility of Pages and custom databases.  I look forward to using and expanding these databases and leveraging the power of Pages to streamline my development planning and bug tracking.

Keep up the good work!

Like I said, stupidly simple, but a very short amount of time invested to categorize and prioritize my development process. 


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