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Release notes link - I don't have permission to view


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Basically, the change explained in that topic is that rather than creating a version then making your modifications, then changing the version number half way through and needing to manually edit all the upgrade media that has been created, changes that will require the upgrader to run are saved to upgrade_working rather than upgrade_100000, then when you build and export the application, you can add a version number etc, and the files will be updated to reflect the new version number.


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6 hours ago, DesignzShop said:

Thank you @Colonel_mortis

So if I for example just make a template correction, a single file for example, Would "Build New Version" be the correct selection for this?

On a side note, you've been a asset to this community.

Thank you

You only need to choose "Build new version" if you want the version number to increase - if you built it, then realised something was wrong, you can rebuild the previous version, but if you've released it, you would probably want to move onto the next version.

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