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Memcached and Apache 2.4

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I am little confused. Maybe someone can help.

Cpanel/WHM states that Memcache is not compatible with Apache 2.4.x


But what about Memcached? Is it compatible with Apache 2.4.x?

Easyapache has no method to install it. I could do it manually, but wanted to check to see what others have been doing.

Currently, using Zend OPCache for php scripts.




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13 hours ago, ayuki said:

i use mod_socache_memcache but ipb don't recognize mod

As far as I have understood mod_socache is a supporting mod for Memcached. Memcached is what IPS recognizes. You need to install Memcached..

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2 hours ago, ayuki said:

i don't find php extension for php 7.0.7 in .dll i have source but error when i compile in vc14

i  found  extension php_memcache.dll run with opcache


you have the best parameters for optimal performance for ipb?


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