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for sale or wanted title picker


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Good afternoon all

i have seen on a few boards a why to have preloaded tittles for posting a topic



for sale:



is there anything for IPB to do this, as wanted to have options for my for sale area of only For Sale or Wanted


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You could just create those tags anyway in the ACP.

- System > Posting

- Click on Tags tab

- Set the tagging mode to closed and then add For Sale and Wanted to the list of defined tags

- In the relevant forum categories, go to edit (the pencil icon), then in the Posting Settings tab make sure that Tags are set to on and off as necessary.

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wouldnt  this interfere with all of the forum ?  or can someone   have it like this only for certain sections of a forum? 

because the way you describe it it would be good for an exclusively buy sell forum

but not for a forum that only wants one of the existing sections to host buy/sell ads, and have open /flexible tags at the rest of the sections. 


(if i understood correct)


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12 minutes ago, Maria Stylianaki said:

(if i understood correct)

Yes, you've understood correctly. Whether to have open or closed tags is a global setting. You can choose in which categories users can use tags, but you can't specify closed tags in some categories, open in others.

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