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Sidebar adertising possible ?


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I already added an html advertising block in the sidebar of my forum

no problem

but now i wanted to add a second one, and for some reason the second one is showing well, but the first one doesnt show anymore

yet i can still see them in the ACP on my list of advertisings

whats happening ?

tx a lot for your help ^_^


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7 hours ago, Durango said:

i had to use a plugin to add another block in the sidebar : PHP & TXT Widget

You should not need to do this. 

Use Blocks under Pages and add blocks for each Ad block you wish to have. 

Under Content add {advertisement="XXXX"}  where XXXX is the name for the Ad block.

Then under System > Advertisements you would Define you own locations and add the Custom location key XXXX. Add the advertising code to the HTML box. 

Then using the Manage Blocks sidebar on the site, put the Pages> Custom Block wherever you want and select the Block Name for the Ad block you want there. 

If you want the background color of the Ad to be the same as the color the Ad is sitting on, you will have to wrap your Ad code with the following

<div class="ipsAreaBackground_Light">




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