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Force News & Update on registration


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I wanted to point out that a new member is able to disable this choice by editing their preferences after registration if required, which is sensible. If it was a permanent 'lock' then their would potentially be some ethical issues. ^_^

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I think if it tried to "lock" it on permanently so the member could not turn it off, I would not of approved it and would of have to consulted Management about it first.

As it stands it simply checks that option by default (and hides the checkbox) however it is explained on that page (see screenshot on the file itself) that you can turn it off and where to do this so I did not see a great issue with it.

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I'm slightly confused. ^_^

Are you saying you cannot update your file with Edge/Chrome etc and only with Firefox ?

And / Or that you cannot download with certain browsers ?

I only have Firefox to hand (as I type this) but I can check with the other browsers later today. If you can tell me which / any / all are the issues I'll look into this. ^_^ It does download with Firefox 47x without issue.

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