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How to block Links / URLs in posts?


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HI nealtz,

I think that's an option that is configured by Group.  So in the AdminCP:

  1. Click Groups and select your group
  2. Under Group Settings, you can set whether or not this group can post HTML.  You can also choose how many links to allow in their signatures.
  3. If this is an issue: under the Social tab you can enable/disable posting of attachments.
  4. Under the Downloads tab you can control whether or not the group can post URLs.

Finally, if you want to control access to the link button in the editor, in the AdminCP, under Customizations go to Toolbars, and click on any button currently in your Editor to control who sees it when they bring up the editor to post.

Hope this helps!

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9 hours ago, nealtz said:

I have a member group called "Newbies" and I want to disallow links in posts from these users.

I can't find an option for this.

Any hints?



Unfortunately you'll need a plugin to control it like that. You can only do it for signatures via default software as far as I can tell. There are also whitelist/blacklist features across the entire site but that does not seem like it will help you much.

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There's (kind of) a way you could do this via the Editor.

Customization -> Editor -> Click the link button and set it so only the groups you want can use it.

Course if someone posts a link in the editor it probably auto-embeds but... it's something?

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