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[] can't upload files at all now

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I've submitted a support ticket but thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has (ever?) had this problem.

I can't say for sure if updating to did this, but for some reason I can't upload files anymore.  To any category.  The files seem to transfer ok, but when I drag and drop or browse in files to upload the dialog windows for entering title and file information do not appear.  All I get is the upload meter and the Continue button at the lower right.  When the uploads reach 100%, the Continue button remains ghosted out.  My mouse turns to a hand over it, but when I click the button it stays ghosted out and nothing whatsoever happens.

I've tried different browsers, clearing the cache (as well as clearing local files from my browsers)...nothing seems to work, where just a little while ago everything was fine.  Just wondering if anyone's had this problem...?

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