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My forum was hacked

Igor Kokarev

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I updated my forum to latest v4.1.12.1 once I've received email notification 2-3 days ago. Yesterday my web hoster informed me that my server contains "finishing" pages. I discovered /login folder in the root with many unknown PHP files. So I deleted it. Then my SMTP server Postfix started to send many spam emails (around 100'000 per day!). And I don't know who sends this spam.

I tried to compare my forum files with new installation files - no lack. I see differences in some folders /datastore, /cache and some others. So I have no idea where is deleterious script.

I always instantly updated Invision forum. All configuration files are protected, I disabled dangerous PHP functions on my VPS. I have renamed /admin folder with password protection.

My VPS uses CentOS.

So I have no idea how to stop it.

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