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Color Picker by IPS Themes

Tom Christian

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On 09/08/2016 at 10:18 PM, Safety1st said:

Okay then. 2nd color is used for hover links and some buttons.


I found serious bug. IPS I can't set both primary color and secondary color simultaneously. Then I set one of them the other is reset. I hope you find time to fix.

That's strange, I'm not sure why this particular version would suddenly break this. I'll try and dig into this.

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Is there any plans to develop this further?
I purchased it thinking it would be able to allow the users to change the theme colours: 2KxxjUR.png
Though I was wrong and this currently takes over the theme and overrides background pictures and such.


I was wondering if you have plans to develop this feature in so it will detect the customizable colours in the theme, and allow the selected groups to change those on their end for their viewing? If this plugin gets this feature, I think it'll be worth more even.

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