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No content discovery for Commerce?


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I want to start to sell more stuff than just my one forum subscription product, but I’m am surprised to see that store is treated rather differently than the other apps when it comes to “content discovery”. 

  1. I don’t seem to be able to have newly added products to appear in the activity feeds, so my users won’t see that I added a new product. Why is that? Why can I have a new file or gallery image in the feed but not a new product with it’s image? 
  2. I can’t even put a widget in the sidebar, since there are no Commerce item widgets available AT ALL. No recent or random items. No sliders I can put somewhere. Nothing. 

So Commerce seems to be treated as an “island”. People need to click the store link manually to discover products. That seems to be the only way. The usual ways like activity feeds and widgets are not supported. I would suggest to rectify that in the future. Or did I miss a setting somewhere?

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Since activity feeds and search are intertwined (as I understand it) and given search is awol from Commerce that is pretty much that. Commerce search is planned though so eventually you'll get the activity feed thing going.

There are some Commerce widgets in the Marketplace here I believe. Doesn't invalidate your point though.

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