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License key denied

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Moving topic to Peer to Peer Tech Support

I can't actually read the 'message' in the first screenshot as its a thumbnail.

What does the 'error message' say ? You're not using a 'legacy' type licence are you ?

You'd need to submit a ticket in the Client Area as indicated so a support technician can take a look at this for you really. They will be able to determine quite quickly the cause for this and how to proceed. ^_^

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3 hours ago, duyfr said:

i dont think he can use " client area" as "member" group ?  http://prntscr.com/ba27x9

You can always use the client area. How else do you submit tickets? He may have a legacy license so he might not have 4.x capability , but idk. That's between him and customer service / tech support . Since he's having a license issue currently.

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