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On 06.08.2016 at 1:59 AM, Lunars said:

If I were to purchase this and made some custom tinkering... how would I prevent the changes from being wiped when a new update of this theme comes out?

Not all updates require a reinstall of style

3 minutes ago, Lunars said:

How do you readd in the Group Icon in posts?

Please restate Your question.

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19 hours ago, Veilon said:

Friends, soon we are preparing a big update for our themes. We want to know what innovations and changes would you like to see in themes. 
Write your wishes in this topic or in private messages. Thank you ^_^

As for me I wrote you a PM 2 weeks ago

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Version 1.1.3

What's new:

  • Bug fix
  • The code, preparation of style to upgrading to 2.0


A little bit about version 2.0...

  • It will be added a number of new features
  • New elements of material design
  • Will be recycled by the style settings
  • Will be redesigned responsive layout


14 hours ago, SammyS said:

As for me I wrote you a PM 2 weeks ago

You did not provide the correct data from the ACP, so I wasn't able to help You.

Edited by Veilon
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4 minutes ago, Hisashi said:

Confusion in CSS "ipsButton_important"

What did you do? I can not change their color, without mentioning that each button is in a different CSS.

In this theme, we had to use custom CSS , so there may be some difficulties in customization. We will try to a change for this.
Work is already underway.

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