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Copying Content From another website using Bot or xml file


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Hi all !

Short story: I have a good relationship with another website which do not use IPS. I would like to autogenerate content in my community created by that website. I have their permission to do it. The idea is that they write an article, for example and then they send a copy of that article to my community creating a new thread in one specific forum.
They have their own engineer team so I'm not worried about them, I'm more concerned about my IPS community and how to allow them to add that content and open a door.


PLAN A:   is it possible to add some kind of bot to the IPS administrator board ? Is there any kind of hook that would allow to add information through a user, for example?
My first thought is something like creating a special group with the ability to add html content in 1 particular forum. With just one user, the other website could generate content if the IPS community can open some kind of door to allow that.
The ideal solution would be that every time someone writes an article, the webpages connects to my IPS and creates a new thread, adds a title, and passes html content.

Do you have any idea how to do this automatically ? Is there any hook or option that would allow some kind of automatic access to the database or to the website ? 


PLAN B: if that is not possible, is there any hook where I could do the opposite process ? Instead of them sending the information, it would be me who would import the pages automatically and generate the content on my forum using a standard protocol. For example, the other webpage could provide an xml file with all the content they have generated and send me the file by email. Then I could import the xml using the admin board and the file would generate new threads and content.

Any ideas ?
Thanks appreciated

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