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Issue in Admin CP - Forum creation


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Hey everyone,

I downloaded and installed the latest version of the IPS Community Suite on a blank server/domain/database with no previous version of IPB installed.

When trying to edit the categories and forums though, the description field is non-editable and there is no dropdown box for selecting a forum parent. I browsed through these forums and found someone else with the same problem, so I tried the following to resolve the issue so far:

  1. Running the support tool in ACP. The first scan for problems shows some minor database issues which the forum claims to fix automatically, however, on a second scan it displayed the same errors again. 
    There are some problems with your database. Normally it is safe to try to fix these problems automatically however if your community is large, you may want to run the necessary queries manually. If so, the queries to run are:
    UPDATE `core_streams` SET `position`=0 WHERE `position` IS NULL;
    ALTER TABLE `core_streams` CHANGE COLUMN `position` `position` INT (10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'The position in the list';
    UPDATE `core_log` SET `time`=0 WHERE `time` IS NULL;
    ALTER TABLE `core_log` CHANGE COLUMN `time` `time` INT (10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'Unix timestamp of log';

    Clearing cached data as suggested in the thread did not bring up any visible results.

  2. I completly deleted the database + all FTP files and performed a complete reinstallation of the board software without the language pack I had originally installed to rule out an error on that end.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




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