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Mobile Theme - Last poster information


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The mobile theme for v4 is brilliant, since upgrading last week my users have found browsing on the mobile devices much easier now.   One question posed and one that I have found to be valid is that on the mobile theme when looking at the forum/topic lists the last poster name does not show. 

Now that is fine if the last poster is a regular user with a unique profile pic, but many of our users are guests with a default profile image, so other than clicking the post we don't know who made the last post. 

So my question is, can this addition be added at all?  I appreciate the space is limited on that right hand side of the mobile view, but what about adding a text line under the replies number with something like 'Last post by XYZ'.

Is this a major rewrite or can this be easily done by editing the theme?   (I don't know how, so I am hoping someone did it, and would be willing to share the code change).

Thanks, Ashley.


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