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4.1.12 - Preview Post??


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4 minutes ago, pilotguy said:

According to this latest update we should have a preview post option now?  I'm not seeing this at all after the update.  Anyone else?

There's an icon for this in the editor toolbar. If you don't see it in your community, you have to add it to the toolbar ( ACP => Customization =>  Toolbar ) 


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I'll post this in the suggestions but here as well:

I was expecting an actual "Preview Post" button - This obviously is what I was looking for, and the average end user will be looking for the same.  This is another one of those things I'll need to write a tutorial on for my users which is a huge pain in the you know what.  Why make a preview post button SO TINY, with no label or obvious indication as to its use?  I'll return to my third party Preview Post button.  Maybe on the next update.

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