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Where to edit path for Smilies in the ACP


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I have just upgraded from v3 to v4 and my final job is to restore my smilies. At the moment the board by default is looking for them in /uploads but that will be pretty messy.  So I would rather they be in uploads/smilies folder.  Where do I edit the board within the ACP to change the path for the boards smilies?

Thanks.  Ashley.

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Have any 'rebuild' tasks finished ? You'll see a note on the ACP main 'dashboard' type page if there are any background tasks still running / needing to be ran.

To change the location, go to ACP > System > 'Overview' > Files > Click 'Storage Settings' and you'll see (amongst other items) 'Emoticons' ^_^

You may wish to look at the other options (and the other tab the 'configuration') while you are here.

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