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500 error on all pages accept admin and maintenance page


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Hi all, 

So randomly the IPB site we host decided to go blank. Everything is returning a 500 error. I have checked server logs and php logs and nothing is giving any indication of what is going on. The only pages that work are the admin sections... and the "maintenance" page. Any thing i should check IPB related? 

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Is it a 'real' 500 ISE error page (white page with the wording 'Internal Server Error' and not any form of block / graphics) or the IPS 'Error' type page ?

If you have ACP access you could search for 'error' or run the Support tool from within to see if that finds anything. Support link is on lower left side of the ACP.

If it is a genuine 'real' ISE then you may have to ask your host for the relevant error log if you are not able to find anything in the ones you have examined.

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