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Unarchive Scheduler Restore.php


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I'am currently unarchiving topics, the scheduler is setup to process the task every minute now, it has been doing this for the last 24 hours and counting. Question being can I increase the number of topics unarchived. 


The file located at forums/admin/sources/classes/archive/restore.php is set to unarchive 250 at a time the code is shown below.

$options['process'] = ( is_numeric( $options['process'] ) && $options['process'] > 0 ) ? $options['process'] : 500;

$options['process'] = ( is_numeric( $options['process'] ) && $options['process'] > 0 ) ? $options['process'] : 250;

Is it ok to increase this to 500 or even 1000 at a time? Is this also the correct code?

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