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This is a question about the file attachment array variable. I want to capture the array variables for file uploads, because I want to add an HTML5 mp3 player for mp3s, and a pdf viewer for PDFS to forum topics.

So I've created my own Class file in System/Custom/Custom.php. It seems that I can successfully pass the $title and $url variables from the attachedFile template, into my custom function like so:

{expression="\IPS\Custom::MP3Player($title, $url)"}

But the issue is I have to figure out when the loop terminates.  The best way to do this is to capture "counts" of each file type within a topic, so that I can properly close tags for mp3s and pdfs (for example, a list using <ul>.  But it seems there is an iterator function elsewhere that captures the array variable for attachments.

So let's assume I have 4 mp3s and 4 pdfs, pseudocode is as follows:

  • if mp3 count = 1 then "<ul>"
  • if mp3 > 1 and mp3 < 4 then "<li>"
  • if mp3 = 4 then "</ul>"

And the same goes for file types of pdf.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I figured out how to accomplish what I need:

$tid = topic id;

//Get the sql select statement and convert into an array
$sql =
            iterator_to_array(\IPS\Db::i()->select( array('attachment_id', 'id1', 'attach_ext', 'attach_file', 'attach_date'), 'core_attachments_map', 'id1 = $tid', 'attach_ext, attach_date ASC' )
            -> join('core_attachments', 'attach_id = attachment_id' ) );
//Now iterate through the attachments for this particular post
            foreach ($sql as $row){
                // use $row['attachment_id'], $row['id1'], $row['attach_ext'] etc
				// Now we can close our tags since we have more control

For the level of control that I needed, I think an sql statement was the only way.

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