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please make album filmstrips conform to view preferences!!


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I mentioned this as a bug several weeks ago, but the topic has been closed.  Since I don't know if anyone reads replies to Closed bug reports, and because I still think this is a necessary modification, I'd like to bring it up here in feedback.

I created a Gallery album into which I uploaded 28 images, titled in sequence in the album (e.g. "01 - picture", "02 - picture" etc).  I configured the album's default order to sort by Title so images show in order.

I forgot to number one of them (no. 7), which was placed at the end of the album listing. 

So I changed that picture (i.e. added "07" to the beginning of the title).  While the listing of this album now shows the numbers in descending order (28 down to 1), when I browse the album the thumbnail filmstrip (i.e. "Other images in X") still shows the previously unnumbered file at the end of the listing.  That is, "07 - picture" is still at the end of the slideshow when it should be relocated to the middle between 06 and 08.

I was told in response to my report that the filmstrip always orders according to Recently Updated, but I think this view, too, should change to reflect the view preferences set for the album.  In my case, this would make for a perfect slideshow experience.  But I think it's only logical for any Gallery setup.

Please extend user preferences to the filmstrip! :cry:

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