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Guest permission redirect script?

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Another day, another question! [ Thanks for the help so far btw ].


Is it possible to completely redesign the page that carries the message :  'The page you are trying to access is not available to guests, but may be available if you sign in. 2S100/2'


I've looked at the Language settings and made alterations to no_module_permission_guest  ... but that route is limited and still shows the exclamation logo etc.


Can I completely redesign a 'sorry, you are only a guest page'? 


I'd like to do this with blocks and a page template etc if possible.


Or perhaps I could set a script inside this page to redirect the guest to a specifically designed page?


From that point any non member URL will give the impression of being an actual page, not an error message.


If so, what is the page and where does it live?


Thanks all... any support is appreciated.


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