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Post Editing Broken

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6 minutes ago, chilihead said:

4.1.10 did not support PHP 5.4, so upgrade to 4.1.11. There was a patch but it is gone, probably because 4.1.11 was released.

Good advice but as the issue he has is front-end, the back-end version of PHP shouldn't be relevant here.

Where to look? Basically, figure out if there is a javascript error appearing - the editor is JS, it should be loading at that point...if it isn't then there may be a JS issue.

If you want to go further - provide a URL to your site so people can register and test it out.

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1 minute ago, Nathan Explosion said:

There's your cause:


That doesn't exist.

Simple test - does it work in the default IPS theme?

It doesn't. That was the first thing I tried to ensure it wasn't a theme issue.

Do you have a suggestion to fix this? 

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I did some digging tonight. From what I can tell, the /uploads/javascript_forums/front_front_topic.js file APPEARS to be created any time a user edits a post, with a different ID each time. I think, I may be wrong. Either way, its clearly not a part of the core IPS system, nor is it a part of the theme we have installed. So that leaves plugins.

I disabled all plugins and the edit button started working. I started enabling the plugins again one by one, and actually got to the end of them and the edit button kept working. So my guess is on the last upgrade (to 4.1.10), something got "stuck". I'm not sure exactly what, but it seems to be working correctly for now at least.

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