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Where to change website description for seach engines?

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Where at within the AdminCP can I add/change/create the description for the website when you use a search engine?

Currently it seems to be pulling info from one of my blocks on the main page - I don't want this as my search engine website description so I would really like to change it ASAP.



Also when searching the terms "ohio cannabis" & "ohio marijuana" I seem to be getting first page results using the search engine DuckDuckGo - which is supposed to pull all their searches from google, but when I try to search google for the same term - ohio cannabis or ohio marijuana - my site isn't even on the first 10 pages! 

I am however getting 1st page results on Bing now - which is great! 

Any ideas, helps or tricks to get my site in a higher ranking?

Should I be adding keywords and my other domain names to the meta description/keywords of the website?  And if so, can anyone walk me through doing this for the first time, I'm a bit confused as to how to do this when I'm in the Meta Tags part of the SEO section within the AdminCP.

Also the main "title" or whatever you want to call it for my wesite that is showing up in searches is:

Ohio Cannabis Home Page - OhioCannabis.com

How do I edit this down so that it's just OhioCannabis.com ?


Thank you.

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Now I'm really perplexed, not only did I not change anything in regards to the site title, but now the search engine has now added "Society" to my domain name - no where on the website whatsoever have I ever called the website the Ohio Cannabis Society - so what is going on here and how do I fix this?


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