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frustrated with advertisements...

Ocean West

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i am finding i am having to fiddle with advertisements, when it really should be a turn key hands off for admin and just approve and collect the cash.

I want to sell an ad package - includes run of site banner and a static square that i run in the side bar,

but there is no way for end user to upload different ads apart of single campaign into different targeted areas (header/ footer/sidebar) based on size

in addition there is no way for end users to modify their artwork or target url - sometimes to fix a typo or some other basic reason without me having to get involved. Its fine if all i had to do was reprove the change.

I setup a product that is the square that is charged at full rate then once they have this in the cart or is purchased then the banner is available to pick with no cost and it's linked.

but this assumes these are all renewal subscriptions i have people that want only to have a single month. So i set one up that doesn't renew but it has no END date so i have to go back in and remember to add an expiration date. 

And when i do have to edit the invoice its a few dozen clicks to get from the invoice to the ad in question its very hard to see the 1:1 correlation between the ad and the invoice.  and when looking at the list of ads every add is stretched or squished terribly, and any edits forces me to ad a title for no apparent reason


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