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Remove usergroup on Postbit

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18 hours ago, Stephen Geppi said:

Hi there, I'm looking for a way to remove the user group title from the postbit, and instead only show images. Does anyone have a solution to do this?

If mean the group under the 'photo' on left of a post then yes ... admincp >> members >> groups >> far right of group name select the pencil icon then look for 'Group Icon' and upload your image

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7 hours ago, Stephen Geppi said:

OK, thank you. Not what I was looking for as I already knew that, instead I had to go into the Template editor and find the user postbit and comment out the usergroup title from the HTML. Thanks anyway for your help.

A screenie of what you mean would have helped come up with answer ... editing postbit not a good idea as every update may have to revert template then upgrade and re-add your change again

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