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help! footnotes open in new window in CKeditor

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After some generous help, I was able to get the footnotes plugin installed for CKeditor 4.5.8 (the current version; I'm running IPB 4.1.11).  Footnotes are generated properly in forums posts and articles, however, for some strange reason every link I click opens in either a new tab or a new window!

I've tried turning off the browser options to open new links in new tabs/windows (which I shouldn't have to do anyway, but what the hell), and that doesn't work.  I've tried editing the source code in the test forums posts with footnotes, but soon discovered that any changes you make to the generated HTML (i.e. adding a "target="_parent" attribute) are not saved when you edit the post.  I've even tried looking at the JS code with a mind to inserting a target attribute in the coding, but I get the sense that the problem is something else entirely since this is such a straightforward error.

So to anyone who has successfully installed the Footnote plugin for CKeditor...I would very much appreciate any insights!

UPDATE: When I inspect the footnote link elements in any browser, for some strange reason there is a "target='_blank'" being added to each link.  I suspect there is something outside the footnote plugin doing this...?  Could this be an IPB function?



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