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Add an option to disable links tracking when using sparkpost


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As per title, sparkpost by default converts/tracks any links in the emails you send out unless you specifically disable it in the API request. But there is no setting in the suite to disable it and thus we are all forced to track links even if we don't want to.


Bug report made on this issue (yeah, it is an issue and not feedback imo):


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I agree, and it's really easy to do - in \IPS\Email\Outgoing\SparkPost::_send, just add another item to the array with

'options' => array (
	'open_tracking' => TRU\IPS\Settings::i()->sparkpostTrackOpens,
	'click_tracking' => \IPS\Settings::i()->sparkpostTrackLinks,
	'transactional' => figureOutIfTransactional() // I think this one is coming in 4.1.12


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