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suggesdtion - if anonymous the last visit should read...


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if anonymous visitor then the ' last visit' on profile and popup cards could work better if it displays 'private' rather than the last time the member logged in non-anonymously

as the last visited on profile currently can show members last visit as say 1 june 2014  yet can show posts/comments from yesterday

which can be confusing to all as it is to all purposes displaying false information!

also in acp the last visited also only gives the last visited when not anonymous - that can be a big difference if 'cleaning up' accounts

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Yes please. IMO it should update with last post time. Post at 4:28 = Last visited at 4:28. Showing recent activity but last online months/years ago is not anonymous it is misinformation almost to the point of being a bug. Posts are not anonymous (obviously) so no reason visits can't reflect that. That's why I like it better than Private. You can always look at the last post to see when they were online so just use that date.

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