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Visually Recognizing a submission by an Admin or Mod


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I have seen this feature on reddit forums and some other programs.  What it is a usually an option so that when an Admin or Moderator or any usergroup (or member) is designated with the option any thread they start or post they make triggers a different color in the post window or title or some such thing.  It also sets a distinct color in the sidebar block for new posts or threads so that members can identify quickly that an Admin or Moderator has contributed content.

Is this sort of thing possible with Invision?  Or, is it something to be more likely provided for from with in a theme?

Here is an image of what reddit does.  I have blurred out some of the content but you will still see what Im getting at I hope.



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26 minutes ago, Steve-Ray said:

Thanks for the link newbie but I dont know if it gets any special action in the recent posts block in the sidebar. 

Currently no.

There are many blocks. Inbuilt and custom. I can't add icon in all.

I changed a widget "Post Feed". I added some code manually show to you result


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