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How to install Footnotes plugin for CKeditor in IPB 4.1.11?

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I've been trying to install the footnote plugin for CKeditor.  As someone with a fair amount of this kind of knowledge but who is also scared of breaking something in the IPB install, I've been searching in vain for the exact information I need.  The attached image below shows the instructions; I get extracting the files into a unique folder name, but I am not 100% sure where to add the config.extraPlugins code line.  Is that config.js in the CDeditor directory?  It's somewhat maddening that their website tells you everything to do except which file to modify, which would be great for those of us who know what we're doing but who aren't familiar with CKeditor!

Moreover, it says I have to install the Widget add-on.  Can I assume I install this just as I would an extra plugin?  Someone help a brother out?





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Just Ignore the instructions.

ACP -> Customization -> (Editor) Toolbars -> Add Button -> Upload the zip file -> move the icon to the editor toolbar

And Widget is already included in the ckeditor plugins that IPS bundle.


If you've already uploaded/edited anything, revert those changes first (ie delete the upload.....unedit the edit)

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The plugin is called footnotes but the zip file contains a folder called CKEditorFootnotes-1.0.10, which in turn contains a folder called footnotes.

The majority of ckeditor plugin zip files contain only a folder named exactly after the name of the plugin, and the ACP is expecting that - and for it to be in the root of the zip.

Easy fix - open the zip file, go to the CKEditorFootnotes-1.0.10 folder and move its contents up to the root of the file. Then delete the empty CKEditorFootnotes-1.0.10 folder.

And go ahead and upload again.


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Nathan, you're the man!  Installs just fine now.  Thank you very much for your help :thumbsup:

Now I just have to figure out why, for some reason, a new window opens when I click either the footnote number or the footnote arrow when it should move you up and down in the same browser window >_<

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