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Problem with add/delete row/column button in the tables


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I would like to report a bug related to the tables and ask you if it's possible to fix it.


The Icons to add or delete a row/column (" < x > ") are displayed displaced outside the editor. I have this problem in firefox and with Chrome/IE these icons are not displayed at all.


In the screenshot attached you can see that those buttons are in the wrong position and very far from the table.





How can I solve this oproblem ?


Let me know.

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On 4/5/2016 at 4:16 PM, Nathan Explosion said:

Tables isn't an included ckeditor plugin so which ckeditor Plugins have you added? (list them all)

Does it happen on the default IPS theme? (assuming that the theme you have there isn't the default)


Sorry for late reply, I have just seen it :( And I still have the same problem.


The plugins installed are: Table, Table Tools and Table Resize.


Yes, I have the problem also in the default IPS Theme. And it happens also in this thread if I try to copy-paste a table in the reply box.


Could you please help me ?


Thanks !

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