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Login Problem with Google Chrome

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Whenever I login to my account and visit "mydomainurl.com/forums/" it automatically logs me out.

It only does this when I visit the main page on that specific url. Meaning, I can visit topics and anything else on my forum as long as the url isn't just "mydomainurl.com/forums/".


After the initial login I'm able to visit the main page just fine because the url is "mydomainurl.com/forums/?_fromLogin=1".

But the moment the link is just "mydomainurl.com/forums/" it automatically logs me out...


This problem is only happening on Google Chrome, not entirely sure why.. was very sudden as well, I didn't even touch anything that would cause this.

I've logged in on Firefox and Safari and it didn't happen on either one. I've tried clearing cookies, cache, etc. (pretty much every option it gives me to clear) and still no fix.


Any suggestions on how I can fix this? It's rather annoying x.x

If not, I can just use Firefox for now and hope Chrome sorts itself out eventually, lol.

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