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Where is the setting for uploads directory in IPS 4.1.10

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I'm searching ACP for the uploads directory path and cannot find it anywhere. It used to be here, wasn't it? Or not at all in 4.* and I'm confused?

I see there is a directory with the name "forum\uploads" on my linux server. I mean, the directory structure looks something like this: 

- forum
--- uploads
- forum\uploads

This is not normal behavior. Might have been caused by my upgrading the forums on a windows machine and copying the result to a linux server. I don't know, but it's the only explanation I can think of right now. 

It's causing the site and ACP to load without stylesheets, javascript, etc.. I have tried manually moving its contents into the correct "uploads" folder and deleting it, but it has been created anew once I uploaded a new theme. Its contents is the following folders: css_built_1  css_built_2  javascript_core  javascript_forums  javascript_global

But I have a feeling that it can be fixed by changing the uploads path URL, only I can't find it in the ACP or the DB anywhere. 

Help, please? Anyone? 

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