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Adaptive sidebars

Hunter Lyons

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I think it would be cool if we could (optionally) set our sidebars up so that they are adaptive to the page's content.

So for example, if a page is only a little tiny bit short, then we could define certain blocks to match the height of the content.

ie: The post someone is looking at is very long. We set it so that, say, 50% of the adaptive sidebar is from a 'recent status updates' block and 50% from a 'latest posts' block. 

So up until 50% of the height of that post, is the status updates block, then the other 50% is the latest posts.

It would adaptively do more or less posts or updates etc in the feed to fit the height of the post.

This would probably be hard to code but- I use sidebars everywhere on my site and it's a bit of a bother when you have a long post and there's just so much empty space off to the side.


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Mmmm, I don't really like this. First off it's pretty unfeasible but it seems like it's too worried about what is referred to as "unused real estate" on a website. Honestly people's eyes need a break from content. Dead space is actually good.

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