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Ability to post a hidden post in composition, not hide after


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I often want to add a note to a topic as a post for moderation or even noting something in a suggestion topic etc. I could post it and then hide it but then there's the chance it would be seen (and posting in hidden forum and moving is not efficient). It would be really great to have the hide function available in composition.

Basically like support tickets where techs reply but only they can see, but on the forum.

Permission based but for admin and/or mods.

Has anyone else had this need? The framework is there, not asking for anything fancy just hide before posting.


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I'm about 90% sure there was a third party hook to do this on 3x (possibly 32x I'm not sure about later versions) but I've not seen one for IPS4 as of yet that would do this. ^_^

It is not (personally) something I would likely use but having said that I can see why it would be useful, a bit like a "topic/post note" but not in the 'edited by' text area of an existing post.

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