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CloudFlare Server Push support?

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CloudFlare announced there support for HTTP/2 Server Push but Nginx HTTP/2 module doesn't have server push support.

It seems that they use own custom coding and you will have to wait for them to release it as open source so the game will start ^_^

Or do you mean to use there implementation? If yes:


Enabling Server Push

All of our customers using HTTP/2 now have Server Push enabled, but unfortunately, Server Push isn’t one of those features that just works—you’ll need to do a little bit of work to truly leverage the benefits of Server Push.

Our implementation follows the guidelines laid out in the W3C’s draft standard on the use of a preload keyword in Link headers1, and we will continue to track that standard as it evolves.

So, if you want to push assets for a given request, you simply add a specially formatted Link header to the response:

Link: </asset/to/push.js>; rel=preload;

Those links can be manually added, but they’re already created automatically by many publishing tools or via plugins for popular content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress.

Only relative links will be pushed by our edge servers, which means Server Push won’t work with third-party resources. 


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