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Tom Irons

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On 28.04.2016 at 0:47 AM, Tom Irons said:

This plugin will allow users to see who's viewing what forums.

Hello! The plugin shows which sections of the forum viewing to registered users. Can I add guests? To see what sections they are viewing?

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Hello @Tom Irons ! 

I would like to reinstate a vb 3.8  feature that shows  a number  (not detailed which member) of guests+users, who are viewing each forum. 


forum a  (8 are reading)

forum b

forum c  (55 are reading)

forum d  (15 are reading)

forum e  (2 are reading)

(language/words need to be changed)

could you perhaps make another plugin (or add it to this one)  that will be featuring this? 

we have a lot of guests reading things and we want to make the traffic more visible for advertisers,

and this way they will now if a forum is really popular and most read. 



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Thanks Tom for the reply, I was referring to post by memablue- Does the current plugin show only the count of' members' viewing the forum or does the count also include guests?

In other words - Does the plugin setting of selecting groups is for the 'view count' or the visibility of plugin to concerned groups?

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