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Notification email contain a complete response in the discussion. This reduces the forum visit.

How to shorten the cited content that the user read the contents on the forum and not in the message the?

screenshot-mail.google.com 2016-04-27 14-06-35.png

The notification should look like. The first several characters and the full text by clicking the forum.

screenshot-mail.google.com 2016-04-27 14-25-07.png

Maybe someone wrote a plug-in that fix it?

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12 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Or you could use the built in functionality and edit the email content yourself?

ACP -> Customization -> (Appearance) Emails

This is what I do. They see the subject of the message but for the body I say something like "Login to read this message" and the login is right below it.

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