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Use random image in Advertisement (or random Advertisement)?


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i've used an Advertisement by ad key in template, and i need to make a random image in this, same url.

i've try to make another ad with same link and different image, but how i can put randon php code with {advertisement="key"} in template?

something like this:

{{ rand(0, 1) ? '{advertisement="key1"}' : '{advertisement="key2"}'; }}

(untested - just idea...) - i need equivalent in php for ipb: {advertisement="key"} ^_^

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Php script: eg > random_image.php

put image with name image1.jpg; image2.jpg (if u have more, insert in array)

// random jpg from this folder
header ("Content-Type: image/jpg");

$images = array


html code in advert:

<a href="..." title="link title">
  <img src="...fulllink/dir_with_image/random_image.php" alt="alternative text">


work as expected!

yes, i can use also glob, but glob at every refresh... i think a simple rand - for no more image - can be a best solution :p



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