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Nexus, custom product fields


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As far as I can tell, this isn't possible, so I'm making it a request.


When multiple custom fields are being used to alter the inventory/price of something, currently, the multiple fields are done in an "AND" fashion.  So if using two custom fields, there are four rows to fill out (price/inventory for each).  However, it would be nice if there was a way to have individual fields be independent of others or better yet, be able to choose which fields must be grouped together.

Example:  Someone is selling a shirt with a logo on it.  As add-ons, there are four different bumper stickers and also four different refrigerator magnets to choose from.  Let's say 20 of each item, so there are 80 bumper stickers (20 or each kind) and 80 magnets  (20 of each kind).

As is now: Would have 16 rows of fields to fill in, including quantity and price.  However, can't put in that you have 20 of each in every box because that could potentially cause an over-purchase of one of the add-ons.

Requested method: If fields could be separated, then it would be only eight rows to fill out.  As an item is purchased, the inventory from two different fields is decreased.


I know that different products could be made and then grouped, but that's creating an entirely new 'product' listing when the custom fields could have handled it much easier.

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