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Moving website to another host - Multiple questions

Asgard Gaming

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We are about to change webhost and for I has some questions regarding license, changes and even content. We got two domains, One assigned to the new website, which I am going to use while I test the transfer, while still keeping the original website alive. Once I know everything works I am going to make the "big" move and move the site altogether..


1. How do I change license on a site, for example I am going to make a copy and have it run a test license just to check that the moving is working. But if I just copy the site right off the bat and then set it up on another domain, it will interfere with the original site yes?


2. Other than the conf_global.php and some references in the SQL database, do I need to change the URL anywhere else?
In our case its going to be move from Asgardgaming.se/portal to Asgardgaming.se/. Moving from /portal/ to root.


3. Moving the forum from /portal/ to root / will trigger the URL Change, Will this cause any problems, In my eyes it should not as long as the temporary test site is activated with a test license? Right?


4. Any other tip for moving the website?

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1 + 3.  ACP -> Settings -> IPS License Key

you can change license key and add  -TESTINSTALL  to the end of your license key. later when you finish moving your site to another domain change it back but you still need to change your license key url to the new one here https://www.invisionpower.com/clientarea/ 

2. only conf_global.php required

4. make a backup of everything 

the easiest way to move website to another directory is using File manager at Cpanel. for example Asgardgaming.se/portal to Asgardgaming.se/.

simply copy contents of /portal to root then edit conf_global.php and change the url to Asgardgaming.se then check if everything works fine if it does then delete the portal folder 

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